Veronica Hinman

Associate Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
Carnegie Mellon University

Rm 634 Mellon Institute
4400 5th Ave
Pittsburgh. 15213

Office Phone: 412 268 9348
Phone Lab: 412 268


Department of Computational Biology
Center for Nucleic Acids Science and Technology

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Dr. Gregory Cary

Postdoctoral Associate

I manage the Echinobase website, now hosted at CMU, and am actively working to improve genome assemblies and annotations for a variety of Echinoderm species to empower comparative genomics approaches. I am also interested in understanding how low-affinity binding sites evolve and the consequences of low-affinity binding on the evolution of GRNs.

Curriculum Vitae

Mia Zheng

Ph.D. candidate.

GRNs for Regeneration: Does regeneration recapitulate Development? Sea star larvae are able to regenerate their anterior brain.  I am studying the GRN that for brain regeneration and comparing this to developmental pathways. In particular, I am inserted to understand the enhancers that control AP axis reformation and how they function in development in comparison to regeneration.



Andrew Wolff

Ph.D. candidate

I am working to understand the Cellular control of regeneration. I am identifying the populations of cells that initiate proliferation to reform lost tissue and want to understand how they are regulated to initiate proliferation.



Dr. William Hatleberg

Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of Biological Sciences

Evolution of GRNs across embryo, larval and adult life phases.  I’m studying how GRNs can co-opt to produce novel phenotypes and for convergence of phenotypes.  I’m also interested in understanding the function of highly conserved noncoding elements.


Dr. Kate Buckley

Senior Research Scientist.

I study the development and evolution of immune systems.  I am also interested in using BAC recombineering and “nano tagging” to characterize cis-regulatory modules to study gene regulation.


Olga Zueva

Research Assistant

Joe Pattinato

Research Assistant

Siyao Wang

Undergraduate Researcher




Njairé McKoy

Undergraduate Researcher



Carolyn Ku

Undergraduate Researcher





“Lab” Support

A very good boy. Will eat your socks if you don’t watch them carefully. 13/10


Lab Alumni

Grad Students:

  • Rene Francolini. Masters in Computational Biology. 2016. (Research Assistant, Jed Goldstone Lab, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute)
  • Alys Cheatle Jarvela. Ph.D. 2015. (Postdoc Leslie Pick. U. Maryland)
  • Pradipata Ray. (Co-advised Eric Xing LTI). Ph.D. 2013. (Research Scientist, UT Dallas Center for Systems Biology)
  • Brenna McCauley Ph.D. 2012. (Postdoc Baylor College Medicine).
  • Sabah Kadri. Ph.D. 2012. (Associate Computational Biologist at Broad Institute, MIT)
  • Kristen Yankura. Ph.D. 2012. (Postdoc UCLA)
  • Stephanie Hughes. Masters Biological Sciences 2012
  • Walter Lewis. Masters Computational Biology 2012


  • Katherine Huang (2017). Honors Research. (Ph.D. Candidate, UPenn)
  • Nikkita Mishra.
  • Annette Ko (2015). HHMI researcher. NIH PostBac program
  • Lazar Lalone (2014). Med School. UQ
  • Sowyma Yennan (2014)
  • Laura Filliger (2013). Honors Research. (PhD Candidate U. Rhode Island)
  • Abigail Cryan (2013)
  • Lisa Brubaker (2012). Honors Research. (NIH Postbaccalaureate)
  • Megan Libonati (2012). (NIH Postbaccalaureate)
  • Eda Akyar (2011). Honors Research. Fulbright Scholar 2011-2012. Yale MPH
  • Claire Koechlein (2011) (PhD Candidate UCSD). Honors Research. Recipient Elizabeth Jones Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research
  • Ron Baski (2011)
  • Cameron Exner (2010) (PhD Candidate UC Berkeley)
  • Susan Alfs (2010) (Keck Graduate School)
  • Charlotte Jennings (2009). Honors Research. (PhD Candidate UC Berkeley)
  • Megan Martik (2009) (PhD Candidate Duke)
  • Erin Weideman/Wright (2009) (Animal wildlife management program. London U.K.).


  • Nicole Traphaggen (Clarkson College)
  • Hala Rosa Saad (2011) (Brooklyn College). Now Ph.D. Columbia
  • Jeremy Gale (2010) (Stockton College). Now PhD
  • Karen Kormuth (2009) (Washington and Jefferson U.) Now CMU Ph.D. candidate in Biology.
  • Amy Kerin (2008) (Washington and Jefferson U.).