Zhang Lab

Pursuing the interphase of phase separation and cancer research

What do we do?

The phase transition process of liquid-liquid demixing organizes proteins and RNAs into liquid compartments in cells. We study how this process promotes cellular functions in healthy cells and how misregulation of it leads to cancer

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We are in 601A, Department of Biological Sciences at the Mellon Institute!

Zhang Lab News

03.24.24: Congratulations to Meng for his publication!

11.10.23: Wishing Ana and Yangyang goodbye

09.18.23: Biomolecular Condensates Symposium

09.10.23: Congratulations to Tafadzwa for her publication!


Congratulations Meng for his publication


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Hosting the inaugural Condensates conference


Huaiying collaborated with other members of Pitt and CMU to organize and launch the Pittsburgh Symposium for Biomolecular Condensates (aka Condensates). It was an informative day of talks encompassing researchers from diverse areas in the field of biocondensates.

Biological Sciences 2023 Retreat


The CMU biological sciences department held their annual retreat at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh’s North Side. The lab was a strong presence there that day.