Synthetic Biology (BSC 03758)

Advanced Cell Biology (BSC 03741)


Outreach and services

Huaiying does K12 outreach through the Gelfand Center, e.g., leading a Research @ CMU workshop

Huaiying does science outreach with Women in Science Club at CMU, e.g., as a panelist for professional network, giving a talk in the Underrepresented Figures in Science Lecture etc.


Astha volunteers as an EMT on the Carnegie Mellon campus with CMU EMS

Astha volunteered as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant through the Carnegie Mellon Biological Sciences Department.


Tafadzwa serves as the outreach chair of the Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association and volunteers in the Virtual Engineering Exploration Experience (VEEE) program to introduce high students to the chemical engineering profession and chemical concepts such as diffusion (below).