Gittis Lab



CONGRATS to Dr. Katrina Nguyen for passing her thesis defense!

CONGRATS to Dr. Gittis for her promotion to full professor!! Woo!


CONGRATS to Dan for his commentary article in Movement Disorders!

Check out this commentary on Teresa’s paper in Nature Neuroscience Reviews!

CONGRATS to Dr. Teresa Spix on her publication in Science!

Welcome, Emma Gao, first-year Ph.D. Student!

CONGRATS to Dr. Teresa Spix or passing her thesis defense!

CONGRATS to Asier for his Spotlight article for TINS!

CONGRATS to Aryn Gittis, Ph.D. and Jon Rubin, Ph.D. for their CRCNS grant titled: “CRCNS: Diverse effects of GABAergic inputs on a
basal ganglia output center”.

Welcome, Jeff Yurek, Research Technician!

CONGRATS to Katrina Nguyen for her publication in Neuroscience!

Welcome, Maxime Vounatsos, first-year Ph.D. Student!

Welcome, Dan Albaugh Ph.D, Postodoctoral Fellow!

CONGRATS to Dr. Tim Whalen for passing his thesis defense!

CONGRATS to Coach Jenna and her field hockey team’s for winning Nationals!



CONGRATS to Teresa and Dr. Gittis on their eLife Preview publication!

CONGRATS to Tim for his publication in the Journal of Neurophysiology!

CONGRATS to Ian for his publication!

Welcome, Shruti Nanivadekar, M.D./Ph.D. Student!

Aryn spent a sabbatical with Dr. Sylvia Arber’s Lab in Switzerland!



Congratulations to Dr. Gittis and Dr. Jin Wang at the University of Minnesota! They were awarded a grant from the Michael J. Fox Foundation!

Congratulations to Dr. Gittis and Dr. Rob Turner at Pittsburgh University! They were awarded an NIH Research Project Grant (R01)!

Dr. Aryn Gittis has received tenure! Congratulations!

Congratulations to Brian Isett for receiving an NIH NRSA F32 Fellowship!

CONGRATS to Victoria for her publication in JNeurosci!

Congratulations to Victoria Corbit, Ph.D. for passing her thesis defense!

Welcome, Asier Aristieta Arbelaiz Ph.D, Postodoctoral Fellow!

Welcome, Christen Snyder, Research Technician!

Welcome, Mary Cundiff, first-year Ph.D. Student!



Congratulations to Amanda Willard, Ph.D for passing her thesis defense!

Welcome, Jenna Schwenk, Research Technician!

Welcome, Brian Isett, Postdoctoral Fellow!

Welcome, Liz Wendel, first-year Ph.D. Student!



Welcome, Ian Rosner, first-year Ph.D. Student!

Congrats to Victoria for her Preview article in Neuron!

Aryn Gittis was awarded an R01 from Brain Initiative!

Teresa Spix was awarded a Brainhub Presidential Fellowship!

Welcome Yazel Gosken, MD, Postdoctoral fellow!

CONGRATULATIONS to Kevin Mastro, Kevin Zitelli, and Amanda Willard for their Research Article in Nature Neuroscience!