• Welcome both Collin and Steffie to the Woolford Lab! We’re very excited to have you onboard!
  • Congratulations to Amber LaPeruta on her new teaching positions at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh! Best of luck!
  • Our NIH Grant has been renewed for years 40-43!


  • Congratulations to Amber LaPeruta on defending her dissertation! We’re very proud!
  • Welcome Emily and Grace to the Woolford Lab!
  • Congratulations to Yi-Fang Tsay, who was elected to the National Academy of Sciences of the USA!!!! One of the highest honors in science. We are all so VERY proud of you Yi-Fang!
  • Congratulations to Terri Kinzy, who was named president of Illinois State University. Terri, we saw this coming years ago…you are a born leader!!!


  • Amber LaPeruta won the award for best oral presentation at the 2020 Rustbelt RNA Meeting in October. Congratulations Amber!
  • Dan Wilson successfully defended his thesis research on November 28. Congrats Dr. Dan!


  • The Woolford lab held its 40th year reunion. We all enjoying seeing everyone who has worked in the lab since 1980!
  • Dan presented a talk at the Rustbelt RNA Meeting in Columbus, Ohio.


  • A huge congratulations to Jelena and Slavko, who renewed their marriage vows!
  • Congratulations to Amber LaPeruta, whose talk at the International Conference on Ribosome Synthesis was well received. She described work done by her and Dan Wilson. John also presented a keynote lecture at the conference, and Amber, Dan, and Stephanie presented posters on their research.
  • Welcome to Ph.D. student Fiona Fitzgerald, who joined our lab in May!
  • Congratulations to Stephanie Biedka, Dan Wilson, Hailey Brown, Luke Diorio-Toth, and Jelena Micic, whose work on AFs required for remodeling of nucleolar pre-60S ribosomes was published in the Journal of Cell Biology (PDF)
  • The lab’s grant from the National Institutes of Health was renewed for years 36-39. Hooray!


  • Congratulations to Terri Goss Kinzy for being named Vice President for Research for at Western Michigan University!
  • Congratulations to Beril Tutuncuoglu for her new position as a postdoctoral fellow in Nevan Krogran’s lab at the University of California, San Fransisco!
  • Congrats to Stephanie Biedka for being named as the Richard King Mellon Foundation Presidential Fellowship in the Life Sciences.
  • Congratulations to Pamela Bush on her new job as Director of Innovation and Incubation for the University of South Florida Research Foundation!
  • Congratulations to Michael Gamalinda, who finshed his postdoctoral research and accepted a position as Scientist, at Bayer AG, Pharmaceutical Division, Protein Engineering and Assays.
  • Congrats to Madhu Ramesh, who has accepted a postion as Associate consultant for Quintiles IMS in San Francisco!


  • Sal’s paper submitted to Nucleic Acids Research, about erb1 mutations that block processing of the ITS2 spacer, was accepted on Christmas eve!
  • That same week, John’s paper with Ning was accepted at Nature Structural and Molecular Biology.
  • Sal’s review article on principles of large ribosome subunit assembly was published in Biochemical Journal.
  • Sal started as a postdoctoral fellow in Joel McManus’ lab at CMU.
  • Madhu and Beril’s paper with Joachim Frank was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
  • Karen started as a postdoctoral fellow studying influenza virus transmission in Seema Lakdawala’s lab at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.
  • Beril, Hailey, and Jelena’s paper with Shun Wu and Ning Gao about cryo-EM structure of preribosomes was published in Nature.
  • Beril Tutuncuoglu’s manuscript about roles of the extension of ribosomal protein L8 was accepted by RNA.
  • Madhu Ramesh’s manuscript about roles of rRNA expansion segments was accepted by RNA.
  • Michael Gamalinda accepted a position with Bayer Pharmaceuticals in Germany.
  • Welcome Amber LePeruta and Dan Wilson, our new grad students joining the lab!
  • Congratulations to Madhumitha Ramesh on starting her new job in the real world at Mylan Pharmaceuticals.
  • Karen Kormuth defended her thesis. Congratulations Dr. Kormuth!
  • Karen Kormuth had a paper accepted for publication by Biochemistry.
  • Jason Talkish had his paper accepted for publication by RNA.
  • Madhumitha Ramesh’s team finished second place in the Yale Graduate Consulting Club Case Competition.
  • Madhumitha Ramesh defended her thesis. Congratulations Dr. Ramesh!
  • Salini Konikkat defended her thesis. Congratulations Dr. Konikkat!
  • Stephanie Biedka successfully completed her 2nd-year qualifying exams.


  • Salini Konikkat won the award for best poster presentation at the 2015 Rustbelt RNA Meeting.
  • Madhumitha Ramesh and Salini Konikkat received the Department of Biological Sciences Graduate Student Service Award and Graduate Student Teaching Award, respectively, for 2015.
  • John Woolford was named an Associate Editor of RNA.
  • Jason Talkish has accepted a postdoctoral position with Dr. Manny Ares at University of California, Santa Cruz.
  • Michael Gamalinda was awarded the Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship.
  • Michael Gamalinda received a prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship to support his postdoctoral research.





  • The Woolford Lab attended the Rustbelt RNA Meeting in Dayton, OH. Michael Gamalinda received the Outstanding Oral Presentation award for his talk entitled “The Yeast 60S Subunit is Structured by Ribosomal Proteins in a Stepwise Fashion.” Check out the related news article:
  • Jason Talkish was named a CMU Presidential Fellow in the Life Sciences, supported by the Richard King Mellon Foundation.