Our Magnify paper @NatureBiotech, is featured in the June 2023 issue!


We kick start 2023 with Magnify @NatureBiotech, a facile Expansion Microscopy method that retains nucleic acids, proteins, and lipids! See nanoscopic details of cells and tissues with up to 15 nm resolution, even in clinical tissues and human organoids! See the paper here, and the press release here. The work was covered by the first issue of Nature Reviews BioEngineering!


We reported a new nanofabrication method @ScienceMagazine! Our lab collaborated with Shih-Chi Chen’s lab @CUHKengineering  to fabricate very finely detailed objects with femtosecond light sheets and nanoparticle-laden hydrogels. See the full paper here, and the news here. A behind-the-scenes story was covered by


Our MAGNIFIER paper is now online in Advanced Science! See the news here and here (in Chinese).


James won Emerald Cloud Lab’s Automation Challenge 2022! Aramchan won the CMU’s Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship! Congratulations, folks!


Leon is named the recipient of the Eberly Family Career Development Chair!


Song Hee won the NASA Summer Internship. Way to go, Song Hee!


Emma and Brendan won GuSH Funding for Spring 2022! Congratulations!


Song Hee Lee and Aramchan Lee are joining us as undergraduate researchers. Welcome, Song Hee and Aramchan!


Our work MAGNIFIER for super-resolution vibrational imaging on biospecimens has been posted on biorxiv!


Zhao lab and Barth lab received a $300,000 New Initiative Grant from the Charles E. Kaufman Foundation!


Our work MAGNIFY, the next generation of Expansion Microscopy, has been posted on Research Square!

And, Leon has a new title: Eberly Family Associate Professor of Biological Sciences!


Our review paper titled “Expansion microscopy: A powerful nanoscale imaging tool for neuroscientists” is now published in Neurobiology of Disease!


Our perspective paper titled “Expansion Microscopy: Toward Nanoscale Imaging of a Diverse Range of Biomolecules” is published in ACS Nano today. Congratulations, Aleks!


Our paper on Expansion Pathology & its new rapid version is out @NatureProtocols! Human specimens may be expanded and imaged beyond diffraction limit w/ < 8 hours. Congratulations, Team!


Congratulations to Brendan and Sharey for passing their candidacy exams!


Ryan will be joining us as a rotation student to work on the artificial virus project. Welcome, Ryan!


Aya Nour will be joining us as a rotation student! Aya will be learning nanoscale imaging of neuronal systems. Welcome, Aya!


Just announced! Our lab, through a grant from the Gates Foundation, is collaborating with Benaroya Research Institute and Immersive Science to combine expansion microscopy and virtual reality software to study infectious disease. The intuitive nature of viewing data in three dimensions will accelerate researchers’ understanding of infectious and autoimmune diseases and enhance their ability to develop disease diagnostics and prevention and treatment methods.


Our group size doubles! Welcome to Brendan Gallagher, ZhangYu (Sharey) Cheng, Yuhong (James) Wang, and Christopher Ahn!
Brendan and Sharey are from the Department of Biological Sciences at CMU. Brendan will work on nanoscale imaging of neuronal systems, and Sharey will explore new ways to see microbes and infected tissues.
James is in the UPitt-CMU Molecular Biophysics & Structural Biology Program. James will try to teach viral proteins some new tricks.
Christopher is a Master’s student in the Computational Biology program at CMU. He will apply machine learning to make sense of massive data of Expansion Microscopy.


Our most comprehensive review on Expansion Microscopy in Nature Methods is out.


The first major grant! Leon received the $1.5M NIH Director’s New Innovator Award!

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