Joel McManus
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
Assistant Professor of Computational Biology (by courtesy)
Ph.D. 2007 University of Wisconsin – Madison



Gemma May
Researcher and Lab Manager
M.S. 2004 University of Wisconsin-Madison


Salini Konikkat
Ph.D. 2016 Biological Sciences CMU



Yizhu Lin
Biological Sciences


Christina Akirtava

Christina Akirtava
Ph.D. student
Biological Sciences


Brendan Wee

Brendan Wee

M.S. in Computational Biology student


Lauren Nazzaro
Biological Sciences undergraduate student

Hunter Kready, Biological Sciences undergraduate student

Alexander Muralles, Biological Sciences undergraduate student

Kiran Mirpuri, Biological Sciences undergraduate student

Kevin Liu, Biological Sciences undergraduate student




Lab Alumni

Tianqi Tang, M.S. Computational Biology 2018. Ph.D. student at USC

Pieter Spealman, Ph.D. Biological Sciences 2017.  Post-doctoral associate with David Gresham at NYU.

Myles Mao, M.S. Computational Biology 2017.  Employed Roche.

Chaohao Gu, M.S. Computational Biology 2017.  Ph.D student at Baylor College of Medicine.

Laura Parella, B.S. Biological Sciences 2016.  Employed at Epic.

Easwaran Ramamurthy, M.S. in Computational Biology 2015. Ph.D student in the  CMU / University of Pittsburgh Combined Program in Computational Biology (CPCB).

Alexis Oguh, B.S. Biological Sciences 2014. Currently an NIH Post-baccalaureate scholar.

Alan Shteyman, M.S. Computational Biology 2014.  Currently a Ph.D student in CMU Biological Sciences.

Tara Tappen, M.S. in Biological Sciences 2014.

Naveen Chandromahon, M.S. Computational Biology 2012.  Co-found Heragen and Carot Labs.